Staying Undead PSA

Zero Teen Fatalities - Drinking and Driving PSA

Madison Nelson and I Teamed up to create a 30 seconds PSA against Drinking and Driving. Thousands of people die due to a drinking and driving related accidents every year. And everyone of those deaths were preventable. Learn more at

Published in "Extraordinary Vision" Magazine

A few weeks ago I sent in a few of my photographs to Extraordinary Vision Magazine. They let me know that they would love to have me write for them. So I wrote about being a young photographer as well as my early experiences with photography.

You can check out the article on the iTunes and GooglePlay store here:


Project: City Of Lights - PreVisualization

Project: City Of Lights


I have started pre-visualizing exactly what I want to capture and what angles I must get for the optimum view of the Las Vegas Strip. I used a mixture of Apple Maps and Google Earth to scout out some good vantage points. I have decided on several locations that I am going to shoot from. I want the conditions to be just right and I want the sun to be in the perfect place, so this project is going to take a lot longer since I can only get one angle or shot per day.

I have been looking around on the internet a lot for some inspiration. I've seen some incredible shots of the strip. I've gone through hundreds and hundreds of photos. Many of them are alright, many of them are amazing. I am confident I can create a photograph that is unique as well as encompasses my photographic style. So here we go. A very long and exciting project is under way. I plan on getting my first shot sometime in February and depending on how everything goes I may finish shortly after that or I may just stay at this project for the entire year. I'm not setting a due date for myself. (Although I want these done so I can share them with all of you) 


I am formally announcing the start of a brand new project, City Of Lights. In the midst of all of my traveling, I am able to see some pretty amazing places, which is great, but I want to take awhile to focus on my home. To focus on Las Vegas. I want to capture the true beauty of the city and some of the most famous buildings in the world. I am stepping out of my comfort zone on this project. I am going from Landscapes and nature to city life and architecture. Buildings are much different than a running waterfall or an ocean side pier.