Sean + Christina

Sean + Christina
July 9th, 2016

Out of all of the weddings I have shot and attended, this wedding has been my favorite by far.... Okay I have to put it all out on the table... This was my dad's wedding, so my opinion may be ever so slightly skewed. 

As the best man, I had a great time surrounded by my friends and family, as a photographer I had an awesome time other than the ceremony... Why? What happened at the ceremony? Well as the best man I could not shoot the ceremony since I was standing nest to the groom the whole time. Other than the ceremony I was shooting the whole event just as a wedding photographer should. (Maybe there was a few more breaks involved).

The venue, theme, decorations, cake, food, and everything else was flawless. I can tell a ton of time was put into planning. (Well I know that for a fact, since I kinda know the bride).

The wedding took place at Circle Bar B Ranch in Santa Barbara, CA. Staying on the ranch with my family and friends was the best part about it. Everybody stayed up as late as they wanted with out the worry of having to drive back to a hotel later on. 


California has been suffering from numerous forrest fires in the past few months. The Circle Bar B Guest ranch was no exception. The flames came up and over the hills leading right down to the ranch. Luckily the fire fighters were able to put the fire out in their area before the ranch had been damaged at all. Yes, the surrounding brush had been burned down, but it made for some pretty epic shots. 

Overall I had a really fun time shooting Sean & Christina's wedding. I was able to get some incredible shots of the two of them just after the ceremony ended. These are a few of my favorites